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SPELLINK Multilingual Pro
  Russian/Multilingual Spell-checker for Windows

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SPELLINK Multilingual Pro
Multilingual Spell-Checker for Windows XP//98/Me/95/NT/2000 

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Supported Languages:
Russian, Spanish, French, German, English, and Ukrainian.

The most powerful and comprehensive spell-checking software supporting Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, in any Windows application.


This package exceeds the power of widely available spell-checkers by the following unsurpassed capabilities:

  • Recognition of a larger number of words from the business, science, humanities, medical and technical subject areas.
  • 4 Russian specialized dictionaries: Business, Science, Technical and Medical.
  • 5 English specialized dictionaries: Medical dictionary - 110,000 terms; Technical dictionary - 40,000 terms; Business dictionary - 11,000 terms; Scientific dictionary - 45,000 terms; Humanities dictionary - 15,000 terms.
  • Direct integration into the existing spell-checkers of many word processing applications such as: MS Word 95/97/2000, Lotus WordPro 97/2000, WordPerfect 7/8/9, Power Point 95/97/2000, Access 95/97/2000, Excel 95/97/2000, PageMaker 6.x, MS Works, MS Exchange, Outlook/Express 97/2000 and more.
  • Checking spelling in applications that do not feature spell-checking function (Notepad, WordPad, Write or other custom applications).
  • Adding new words in any form in accordance with the morphological rules of the language.

  • IBM PC or compatible
  • Windows XP/98/Me/95/NT/2000
  • From 4 to 15 MB of free disk space
  • ParaWin keyboard support. (Click here  for information on ParaWin.)

SPELLINK Multilingual Pro

Multilingual Spell-checker
Russian, Spanish, French, German, English, Ukrainian

for Windows XP/98/Me/95/NT/2000

$189.00  USD

Shipping: $9.95

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