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promt - english russian translation softwarePROMT Giant Russian 
Russian to/from English, French, German Translation Software for Windows 

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PROMT Giant Russian is a powerful machine translation system integrating several translation directions (Russian to/from English, German and French) within one application shell.


PROMT Giant Russian Translation to/from English, French, German PROMT Giant Russian to/from English, French, German is an integrated environment incorporating 3 specialized applications into one called Integrator:

  • PROMT - a professional machine translation system.
  • File Translator - an application for batch document processing.
  • WebView - an on-line Web page translator.

PROMT features:

  • Advanced translation algorithms
  • Extended general dictionaries
  • Built-in text editor, with customizable Toolbars
  • Different translation modes
  • "On-the-fly" translation 
  • Drag & Drop technology
  • Settings for professional quality translation, embedding multiple specialized dictionaries
  • Advanced user dictionary management algorithm
  • Document pre-processing
  • Possibility of using auxiliary applications: spelling and grammar checker, electronic dictionaries, OCR system
  • Possibility of integration with MS Office 2000/2003/XP/2007. 

File Translator:

  • Provides text translation in batch mode
  • Enables users with a high volume of documents to organize a translation queue and to process documents in the background mode
  • Allows setting specific parameters of translation for each document
  • Provides higher translation speed


  • Synchronous Web page translation
  • Navigation both through the original page and the target window
  • Search queries in the language of the original Web page
  • Save and print the original page and its translation
  • Add specialized and user dictionaries
  • at least 500 MHz Pentium (or equivalent) processor;
  • at least 64 MB of RAM;
  • SVGA or better video card and monitor; an optical drive; a mouse or similar input device;
  • operating system:
    —Microsoft Windows 7;
    —Microsoft Windows Vista;
    —Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or higher;
    —Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4;
    NET Framework 3.0 (installed automatically)
Add-on Dictionaries

Also available:
  • over 40 add-on professional dictionaries - Automotive, Aviation, Banking, Business, Ecology, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Electrical Engineering, Legal, Mathematics, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Military, Oil & Gas, Physics, Polytechnic, Aerospace, Telecom, TV & Video, etc. 
  • 4 specialized dictionary collections - Science, Business, Technical, and Industry.

For more information on these products, click here.    


PROMT Giant Russian

Translation Software:
Russian to/from English, French, German

Windows 7/Vista/XP Pro SP 2 (or higher)/2000 Pro SP 4

$575.00  USD



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@PROMT Professional

Add-ons for French, Spanish, German are available.

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  • PARS Professional (4 additional dictionaries)
  • PARS Professional Plus (25 additional dictionaries)

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