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Russian Keytop Labels
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Russian Keytop Labels - a solution for those tired of guessing which letters are where.

  • Add Russian characters to your keyboard.
  • Self-adhesive.
  • Transparent.
  • Durable construction: easy to attach and remove.
  • Fit standard desktop and laptop keyboards. 
  • Colors: black and red.
  • Check this: RuWriter - a Russian phonetic keyboard layout software/driver for Windows Vista and XP
  • Free with a purchase of any Russian Software over $50.00.
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Russian Keytop Labels


$14.95* USD


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* Free with a purchase of any Russian Software over $50.00.

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Russian Keytop Labels can be purchased separately or as a part of several Russian Software Packages. These packages provide tremendous savings and include Russian translation software, Russian and English (for your Russian friend) language learning software, phrasebook and dictionary programs with voice feature, writing tools. For more info, please click here.     

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Russian Software: Order Online !

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