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Language training software for Russian/English.

learn russian language cd romGolden Russian: Learn Russian
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Interactive Multimedia Russian Language Learning Software on CD-ROM.

  • Learning Russian made fun.
  • Typical scenes and live situations.
  • Dialogues read by native Russian speakers.
  • Basic vocabulary.
  • Phrase book.
  • Numerous exercises.
  • Learn Russian grammar and phonetics.
  • Graphics, animation and video
  • Live interaction via the microphone.

The CD-ROM Golden Russian is the world's most outstanding multimedia language training software for Russian. This CD-ROM will help you master Russian just sitting at your computer, reading, listening and interacting with the software via the keyboard, the mouse and the microphone.

The course comprises 4 language training areas:

  • Dialogues
  • Interactive Dictionary
  • Grammar and Phonetics Guide
  • Movies.

By completing various exercises you will learn how to correctly pronounce words and phrases, compose sentences, answer questions and comprehend the meaning.

Part 1: Dialogues.
The dialogue lessons are based on real situations. They teach spoken Russian, grammatical structures and parallel language patterns between English and Russian. Every lesson includes pronunciation exercises where you can check your speech by making use of your computer's microphone and loudspeakers. A series of translation exercises, working in both directions between Russian and English and read by native speakers, will teach language comprehension.

Part 2: Dictionary
The interactive dictionary will help you learn and memorize new words, check their spelling and practice your pronunciation. Colorful illustrations of 3,000 frequently used words will enhance your language retention process. The dictionary contains over 11,000 words.

Part 3: Grammar and Phonetics
The hypertext-based grammar and phonetics reference offers rules of usage, explanations and practical training. Plenty of illustrations and samples of spoken Russian will help you apply complex Russian grammar in real situations.

Part 4: Movies
The combination of audio and video will help you to comprehend Russian better in various situations, to recognize different dialects and to develop an instinct for the use of Russian.

Golden Russian is a product for beginners, so all you need to start learning Russian with its help is to have some knowledge of English, whatever your mother tongue may be. It would work just as well for French, Germans or others who know English. And even if you are an advanced learner, you will find a lot of interesting "advanced" material in Golden Russian! So please read and listen attentively. And please don't forget to do the exercises!

Golden Russian

Interactive Russian Language CD-ROM

Windows Vista/XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000

$95.00  USD

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FOR Russian Native Speakers

English Gold: Learn English
© MultiMedia Technologies, Ltd.
Interactive Multimedia English Language Training Course for Beginners (to Intermediate) on CD-ROM.

English Platinum: Learn Advanced English
© MultiMedia Technologies, Ltd
Interactive Multimedia English Language Advanced Training Course (all levels) on CD-ROMs.

These interactive multi-media programs use innovative techniques, such as combination of audio and video effects along with the live interaction via the microphone. All audio materials are presented by native speakers in form of dialogs, live situations and even real movie.

Each course comprises four parts: interactive Dictionary, Grammar and Phonetics guide, Dialogue and Movies. By completing various exercises you will learn to correctly pronounce words and phrases, compose sentences, answer questions and comprehend the meaning.

  • IBM compatible PC (486 or higher).
  • Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000.
  • 16-bit sound card.
  • 2x CD-ROM drive.
  • 640x480, 256 colors video card.
  • PC-headphones (or speakers and microphone).


English Gold

Interactive English Language CD-ROM

Windows Vista/XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000



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Product ID: EG938

English Platinum

Interactive English Language CD-ROM

Windows Vista/XP/Me/98/95/NT/2000



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Product ID: EP938

English Gold and English Platinum can be purchased separately or as a part of several Russian Software Packages. These packages provide tremendous savings and include Russian translation software, Russian and English (for your Russian friend) language learning software, phrasebook and dictionary programs with voice feature, writing tools. For more info, please click here.     

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