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russian translation software promt internet russianPROMT Internet 2000 Russian
Russian to/from English, French, German and Italian Online Translator for Windows 98/NT/2000

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PROMT Internet 2000 translates web sites and texts from any Windows applications. The program integrates plug-in into Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x to enrich that browser with translation functions.


Translation directions:

  • english russian translation software promt internet russian  English <-> Russian
  • german russian translation software promt internet russian  German <-> Russian
  • french russian translation software promt internet russian  French <-> Russian
  • italian russian translation software promt internet russian  Italian -> Russian

promt internet russian online translation softwarePROMT Internet 2000 includes 3 applications to help you break language barriers in Internet:

  • WebView
  • R-Express
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x


WebView is a browser with translation functions:

  • Online translation of web pages including hyperlinks
  • Preserving source formatting for source web pages
  • Read source and target pages simultaneously using two-window interface
  • Translate search queries and send them to the most popular search servers
  • Set translation parameters on the basis of topic templates
  • SmartURL preserves all web page translation parameters for future using
  • Select specialized and user dictionaries to increase translation accuracy
  • All Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x browsing functions are available

Express translation

R-Express is a perfect assistant when you need express translation of web page or text from Windows application:

  • Fast and accurate web page and text translation
  • Drag-n-drop support
  • Clipboard translation
  • Specialized dictionaries and reserved words lists are supported

Search The Web

“Search the Web” translates your search queries and sends them to the most popular search servers. Three types of search request form, Simple, Advanced and Experienced, are available.

The following search servers are supported: AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Northern Light, WebCrawler, Yahoo!,  and the most popular Russian search servers.

Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer

PROMT IE5 translation module provides Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x with translation functions and makes it easy and comfortable to read foreign web sites in your native language. This plug-in allows you to translate the whole web page, paragraph or single word in the popular browser. The translation will be displayed in the same browser window.

Distribution set:

  • CD-ROM
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Specialized dictionaries: Internet

System requirements:

  • IBM PC-compatible computer
  • P166 or faster processor (PII-300 recommended)
  • 32 Mb RAM (64 Mb recommended)
  • 50 Mb of free hard disk space (full installation)
  • VGA or better video adapter
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse

PROMT Internet Russian

Online Translator
Russian to/from English, French, German

$75.00  USD

Shipping: $9.95


Other Russian Translation Software

We also offer the following Russian translation software:

  • PROMT 2000 Translation Office. English-Russian Machine Translation System. (Sophisticated translation tools.)
  • PROMT Giant. Russian to/from English, French, German Machine Translation System (3 language pairs in one application shell.)

and PARS/Russian, an English-Russian translation software, which comes in three versions:

  • PARS Standard
  • PARS Professional (4 additional dictionaries)
  • PARS Professional Plus (25 additional dictionaries)

For more information on PARS, click here.

More Russian Software

We offer the following Russian Software:

Russian translation Russian language software
Russian Software: Order Online !

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