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Language Teacher Russian is a sophisticated handheld talking electronic English-Russian dictionary. It not only translates words and expressions between the two languages, but also pronounces them in a natural human voice and recognizes speech!

Hand-held Dictionaries

Gold Partner V6
English - Russian Integrated Digital Language System Partner V6

Russian handheld talking electronic dictionaryPartner® V6 - the first-ever electronic translator that understands you! Using the unique technology of speech recognition, it translates phrases from Russian into English. Moreover, the Partner® V6 translates texts from English into Russian and vice versa, allows you to send a fax and to work with e-mail.
The basic English-Russian bi-directional dictionary of more than 1,000,000 words includes American idioms, medical, technical, legal, and business terms as well as common expressions and slang. An English language explanatory dictionary and an English-Ukrainian bi-directional dictionary are also included. The transcription for English words is given in all dictionaries. The Partner® V6 can pronounce any word or phrase in English. The Partner® V6 main English-Russian dictionary has expansion capability. The phrase book includes more than 1000 phrases grouped by topics, in 7 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You can download professional subject dictionaries to the Partner® as well.

The Partner® V6 uses unique speech recognition technology that allows it to recognize the Russian phrases included in the Tourist Phrase Book. Once recognized, the phrase is translated into English and pronounced aloud. The English Accent Correction section is also based on speech recognition technology. The Partner® V6 recognizes English phrases, compares the pronunciation with the standard and evaluates it as Excellent, Good or Poor.

The English language learning section includes an electronic English grammar book, a comprehensive TOEFL guide with sample tests and instant evaluation, a list of English irregular verbs and a Learning Cards (flash cards) section for easy vocabulary learning. The Accent Correction section gives you a unique opportunity to improve your English pronunciation.

Russian handheld talking electronic dictionary

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Partner UT-203

Voice Translator with Speech Recognition System UT-203

Voice : English/Russian/German

Russian handheld talking electronic dictionaryThe Ectaco Partner® UT-203 is a voice translator with a unique speech recognition system that provides phrase translation from English into German and Russian, or from Russian into English and German. The UT-203 contains 15 topics which include about 3000 phrases facilitating communication in hotels, post offices, banks, stores, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons and many other places.

Advanced speech recognition system Lingvobit™ English and Russian was created using the voices of thousands of native-level American English and Russian speakers. For this reason, you can be assured that your pronunciation will be recognized by the device.

The UT-203 has a comfortable user interface and is easy to operate. A special multifunction Action Button allows easy switching to the topic you need. A phrase, once it is recognized, is displayed on the LCD display. The UT-203 also comes with a headset which makes working with the device more comfortable. The Partner® can also function as a digital voice recorder. The built-in alarm clock will help you to keep up with the time. The Auto Off function will automatically shut off the translator if it has not been used for a few minutes.

Russian handheld talking electronic dictionary

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Russian Dictionaries:

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