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Ukrainian Software for Windows


English Ukrainian Translation Software
English-Ukrainian Translation Software.
PARS/Ukrainian Basic
PARS/Ukrainian Deluxe
PARS/Ukrainian Professional
(Translate text, email, Web, documents.)

Bestseller !

Ukrainian Software Package.
Translation, Dictionary, Keyboard Driver, Spell-checker, Language CD-ROM, Keytop labels, etc.
Save $150 !

Dad's Lessons. Ukrainian Language Learning CD-ROM.

Bestseller !

Ukrainian PhraseBook Voice. English-Ukrainian Phrasebook.

Talking ! New !

Find-A-Word. English-Ukrainian Talking Dictionary. Talking !
English Ukrainian Translation SoftwareUkrWriter. Ukrainian Keyboard Driver & Fonts
for Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Phonetic Layout !

ORFO Ukrainian. Ukrainian Spell-checker.

Finally !

ParaWin Me Pro / ParaWin XP. Cyrillic Keyboard Driver & Layout Editor.

Create Layout !

EASY Ukrainian. English-Ukrainian Dictionary.

Only $25 !

Ukrainian Fonts. Ukrainian TrueType and PostScript Type Fonts. Great Selection !
UkrSpeller. Ukrainian Spell-checker for Windows.

Only $49 !

ABBYY FineReader. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Cyrillic.

30 Awards !

Ukrainian Translation Services (Human Translation)

Ukrainian CD -ROMs


Dad's Lessons. Ukrainian Language CD-ROM.

Bestseller !

Ukrainian ClipArt. CD-ROM: Pictures, Images (.jpg, .bmp)

Only $24.95 !

The Mitten. CD-ROM: Play and Learn Ukrainian. 

FoR KiDs !

Ukraine: a Look to the 21st Century. CD-ROM: Ukrainian Economy, Legislation, Investment, Maps, Video, Music, Pictures.

Comprehensive !




Keytop Labels. Self-adhesive Ukrainian Keytop Labels.

Stop Guessing !

Electronic Dictionary. English-Ukrainian, Pocket Size.

Talking !


Ukrainian Software for Macintosh


ABBYY FineReader. Ukrainian OCR. (Other Languages: Cyrillic, Western, Eastern European, etc.) New !
KED. Keyboard Layout Editor. Create Layout !
ParaType 2000 Digital Typeface Library. Over 100 Typeface Families. Great Selection !
PARS/Ukrainian. English-Ukrainian Translation System. Great Value !

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Ukrainian Web - Products and Services

Ukrainian Translation Services (Human Translation)

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  • History CD-ROM
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This Web site is dedicated to promoting the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture by making high-quality Ukrainian software available at affordable prices, with dependable technical support. You won't find another site like this one, the Web's most comprehensive source of Ukrainian software.

We would also like you to have a pleasant on-line shopping experience. Read about what we offer, ask us questions, ponder the various possibilities, and finally, if you are attracted by some of our software items, you can order them on-line or by phone, fax or regular mail.

When you are considering the possibility of studying Ukrainian and working with it on your computer, it is good to remember that Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, and that Ukrainian is spoken by well over 50 million Europeans (only 4 other languages have as many speakers in Europe!) Even in North America, there are over 2 million people with Ukrainian origins. Join the ranks of those working towards proficiency and excellence in the Ukrainian language!


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