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Ukrainian Language
Wish to write a letter or send en email to your friend or relative in Ukraine, but your poor Ukrainian/Russian won't let you do that? No problem, our highly qualified translators will do that for you. Also access our online Ukrainian Software Store or Russian Software Store to find out more about our language and translation software, fonts, etc.

Travel to Ukraine
Planning a trip to Ukraine? Concerned about Ukrainian visa, air tickets, hotel and transportation in Ukraine? Ukraine is a really great travel destination, especially in May and September - beautiful mountains, a warm sea, ancient European cities. Let our travel agent help your with this. Click here to visit our Travel to Ukraine page.

Flowers to Ukraine
Wish to congratulate her on her birthday? Then send her a bunch of beautiful long-stem flowers and add to it a box of delicious chocolate, a bottle of fine champagne, a gorgeous fruit-gourmet basket, subtle perfumes, an elegant watch, etc. Click here to start right from our Flowers and Gifts to Ukraine page.

Food Parcels to Ukraine
Ukraine is a country with an average monthly income of approximately one hundred dollars. Your relatives or friends in Ukraine will certainly appreciate your caring approach.

Ukrainian Gift and Souvenir Shop
Authentic Ukrainian hand crafted gifts and souvenirs: embroidery, pysanky, carved and lacquered wood items, collectibles from Ukraine - shop here for a nice gift for your friends.

Long-distance Calling
Internet phone, pre-paid long-distance calling cards featuring unbelievably low rates custom-tailored to calling Eastern Europe, etc.

Send Money to Ukraine
Fast and reliable money transfer services.

Ukrainian Genealogy Family Search
We can help you search for your family in Ukraine. We look for single individuals, family groups or trace whole family trees.

Ukrainian Marriage
If you are serious about starting a new family, then think about the Ukrainian woman. Ukrainian women are family-oriented, kind, warm-hearted, forgiving and beautiful!

Market Research
Full range of market research and business development services for firms and organizations that are either doing business in Ukraine or considering entering this vast and promising market conveniently located at the heart of Europe.

Offshore Software Development
Full range of platforms, software development tools and technologies, business applications.

Ukrainian Links
Web linking is good! If you'd like to trade links with us,, then click here.


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